Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler - Herb Garden

This is the time of year I love to plant a little herb garden. Here are some simple feng shui guidelines to create a fabulous garden.

  • The east, southeast or south are great elemental directions to create this little life garden. When planted in the east, it assists with family gatherings and the simple pleasure of sharing a meal that is dressed with home grown herbs. Should you choose to plant your garden in the southeast or the south it will assist and fuel fortunate blessings that soothe the soul.

  • Create some movement in your garden with a bird feeder or bird bath. Attracting the life force of birds makes a wonderful addition to your garden. If you prefer a flag or gazing ball to create movement that works too.

  • Add different materials and textures to your garden environment such as wood chips, gravel, or stones. This not only looks visually attractive but will also move the energy in different patterns.

  • Add a water feature and create the feel of a pond or stream. This element is very soothing to listen to while gardening.

Have fun creating your herb garden this season and spread the joy!

~Mary Jane - Elite feng shui education & consultations!

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Work in Groups!

The yin wood rabbit is a very friendly energy combination and just screams group activities. Therefore, it is best to engage with others today when working or simply to enjoy a cup of coffee. This is a very easy going combination so take advantage of it to complete tasks with the assistance of others. Don't be reluctant to share your viewpoint with others today. In actuality it will bode well to do so. You'll find great support from those around you and especially those who are close to you.

~Mary Jane - Elite feng shui education & consultations!