Thursday, July 21, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Be Practical and Imaginative!

Today the wood heavenly stem combines with the earthly dragon branch. There are a couple of aspects this combination creates. First, there is conflict between the stem and branch so you may find you put a great deal of pressure on yourself by over thinking matters. This can translate into actual physical exhaustion - the mind driving the body too hard. Best to infuse the element of fire to ease the tension between wood and earth. What does that mean? Take time out in your day for actual physical exercise. At work think about clarifying your goals, being practical about them and injecting an aspect of your imagination to them. This combination provides the drive to put into action original ideas that in the long run will elicit new clients.

The next aspect to consider with this combination is to tap in to your resources. There are plenty of people who will back and support your ideas and services. This bodes exceptionally well for finances and unexpected opportunities. One thing however to keep in mind is the dragon branch is empty. This means there is a tendency to puff up yourself. Forget it, no need to do so.

~Mary Jane -