Monday, November 28, 2016

December 2016 Forecast by Mary Jane Kasliner

December 2016

New Beginnings

The focus for this month is new beginnings. You may be asking yourself; "how do I go about starting something new?" In my opinion, it requires meditation and contemplation to uncover what is stagnant in your life to catapult change.

The first step is to differentiate between meditation and contemplation. Meditation is a human mode of moving within to find a peaceful state of mind. Contemplation is divinely infused peace. If we were to associate an image to the various stages of meditation it would be water. Why? Think of how you grow plants from seeds. In addition to healthy soil and sunlight, plants requires water. It is this element that fuels growth in nature, the human body, mind and spirit. It is the daily watering or nurturing of our spirit by way of meditation and contemplation where the  answers that lie within are revealed to us.

In feng shui, the element of water fuels the growth of wood. Wood represents growth, new ideas, family roots, our desires and fortunate blessings. The aforementioned characteristics all play a part in starting something new. To cultivate water it requires going deep within the earth where the water tables fill to feed the shoots of growth. Man must do the same to cultivate growth; move deep within.

Tips to Catapult Change:

The environment acts as the macrocosm to YOU. Therefore, by implementing subtle changes in your surroundings you can start the energy moving in the direction of change or new beginnings.

  • In the east portent of your home activate strong wood by way of a well rooted plant. Add moving water in this same portent to fuel growth. This month is especially important to add moving water as it will activate inner wisdom and growth of material blessings in the form of finances.
  • In the southeast place a strong image of your desire of change or what you would like to enter your life as blessings. You can also place an intention along with this image.
  • In the south connect to your soul's mission by way of a vision board or image of where you want to be in life, what makes your heart sing, what you LOVE to do if money wasn't an issue.

Tips to Meditation & Contemplation:

Whatever you do in the outer world you need to complement it in the inner world. The following are a few tips to get you started.

  • Activate the northeast sector of your home with plenty of earth and fire elements. If you are not sure what those are refer to my my feng shui mini-series or feng shui design cd.
  • Get a meditation cushion and place it in a convenient area that you can see on a daily basis as a reminder to sit and meditate.
  • Download some relaxing music or guided meditation CD's. Play them often especially if you need assistance when meditating.
  • Read inspiring quotes on a daily basis 
  • Engage in repeated prayer or daily mantra

Tips to Opening Life Journey Sector:

In feng shui practice, the portent direction corresponding to life journey is north. The following are simple guidelines in activating this sector. For more tips see my feng shui design cd. Be sure to scroll down my publications page to find the cd.

  • Incorporate metal and water elements in the north sector of your home
  • Add images that are powerful or imposing structures such as a bridge or building
  • Add images of water scenes or fabrics that are flowing or movement in design
  • Choose an the image that compliments the south portent or your soul's mission as these two portents (south and north) work in synergy.
Yoga Practice:

Yoga  automatically moves you into a state of peace through the inward journey. This bodes especially well for the trigram Kan that is active in December. The Rat is also active this month so yoga and meditation will be extremely important as the rat tends to create a busy mind.  Concentrate on poses that activate the 1st,  3rd, 6th and 7th chakras. Feeling grounded, finding inner strength, tapping into your intuition and divine inspiration are all essential components for new beginnings. Here are some poses to activate the aforementioned chakras.

1st or Root Chakra: Warrior 1 or Warrior 2

                                                        Me:  Japanese Gardens Oregon

                                                          Me: Meditation Garden Oregon

3rd or Solar Chakra: Half Lord of the Fishes

6th or third Eye Chakra: Padmasana

                                                            My Daughter in Vietnam

                                                            Me: Arizona Airport

7th or Crown Chakra: Headstand

This month and every month feel the internal flow of prana and expand with it. Explore new beginnings and enjoy the journey!

Happy December!

Mary Jane Kasliner

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Avoid Distractions!

Good Monday morning! Today the yang wood tiger combines for a one-two punch of powerful wood energy. You'll find the pace moving rather quickly today and a push to get things started. Just be mindful of distractions as the tiger notoriously leaps into action in whatever crosses his path. By and large, there are plenty of people in your inner circle willing to assist you today. This does bode well but it is important you take charge to direct the concentration of effort given and received. Rely on your past experience to get the ball rolling in right direction.

Mary Jane Kasliner