Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Daily AStroloy - Yang Water Rat!

Japanese Gardens Oregon - Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

Yang Water Rat:

The yang water rat is a combination of energy that is all about good communications. The element of water is extremely powerful this morning; therefore, it is a great time to communicate your thoughts and the intricacies of your ideas. Mental acuity is very strong with this combination as well as the ability to relate well with others on all levels. It is also a good day to promote your talents. Others will be open to what you can offer as you are willing to go with the flow. Keep intuition front and center so you instinctively know people's likes and dislikes. Just be mindful not to confide in just anyone as this can get you into trouble. Put your thoughts on paper to be more effective today.

Mary Jane Kasliner