Part 3: The Energy in Your Home in the Earth Dog Year of 2018!

Part 3: The Energy in Your Home in the Earth Dog Year of 2018!
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Part 3: The Energy in Your Home In The Earth Dog Year of 2018!

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This is the third part of my series on how to prepare you for the year ahead. Part one I pointed out seven things you can do to prepare for the changes that are coming. Part two I discussed the overall energy of the Earth Dog Year of 2018. Today, I we will take a look at the energy in your environment for 2018. 
Let's get right to it!

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Mary Jane

Fire That Rises:
The year 2018 reveals the trigram associated with the element of fire that rises into the heavens. Specifically, this trigram represents the loshu number of 9, and the trigram known as Li. It is female in gender representing the middle daughter.  In everyday life, it is the goals we strive for, our vision, clarity in situations, our soul's mission while on this earthly plane, and our reputation based on how we serve others and our community at large. This trigram also reflects integrity, enlightenment, and joyful bliss. It’s about finding your passion and running with it to ultimately serve others. As this trigram aligns with the heart, it ignites forth heart’s desires. Walking the path of your heart is the best way to express what truly lies within.
When we concentrate on fulfilling what lies within, we are in alignment with the divine. This naturally propels us to expand giving and nurturing qualities to those around us. We develop a higher sense of who we are and what we are known for, and as a result, the bountiful blessings of clarity is bestowed upon us. We learn how to live in harmony with self and others.
The element of fire is the element of integrity and it burns away that which is not essential, taking it to its purest form. Fire is the mediator of transformation in the process, the smoke from the transformation rises upward to the heavens as prayers. Inner truth is the key behind opening the door to enlightenment.
This trigram is also considered to be the “clinging,” like that of the flame clinging to the material it is consuming. Therefore, there is a tendency to cling and hold on to things that no longer serve us well, or to be dependent on others so much so, you lose your independence.
In terms of business, this trigram does represent marketing, goals, visions and your reputation. Make certain to outline your goals and visions for 2018. Map out your course on a monthly basis so it’s not so overwhelming. In terms of your reputation, know it is built on how you treat your clients and colleagues. Obviously, building a strong reputation makes for repeat business and word of mouth referrals. Take an initiative this year to go that step further for your clients, perhaps offering an unexpected discount or follow up call to check in with them after your service visit.

Fire Builds Earth: 
2018 is dominated by the earth element, specifically the yang polarity of earth. As mentioned in Part 2 of this three part series on about the Earth Dog, moving at a slower pace and relying on practical aspirations and deductive reasoning is going to be very important. With the element of fire rising in the trigram 9 Li,  from the school of flying star feng shui, there is a natural cycle of growth from fire to earth. This will compound, or shed further light on the importance of earth qualities. Keeping things in perspective this year is of utmost importance. 
Fire building more earth over earth does make the prediction of earthquakes mentioned in part 2 of this series more probable. Furthermore, obstacles that arise have a tendency to impair your vision and goals more readily. All the more reason to plot out your journey carefully this year. In addition, the element of fire represents conscious awareness. Therefore, the compounded earth, as a transformative element, will see to it that humanity takes the next step towards higher levels of consciousness. This may be the result of the scales tipping too far in one direction, whether politically, socially or personally.

 Home Environment:
In the flying star approach, energy shifts in a pattern known as the Sigil of Saturn. When this occurs, different energy patterns fall into the eight known directions marked on a compass. I'm sure all of you are familiar with these directions. In addition, there is a ninth point which represents the center. All things are driven from the center or bindu point, whether we refer to the macrocosm of the Universe, or the microcosm of the human body.

How does this relate to our personal environment and living experience? First, envision the eight compass directions splayed over your home positioned from the center. Now, imagine each of these compass points represents an aspect of your life experience. The incoming elemental  energy that moves through the Sigil of Saturn configuration creates a reaction that acts as a guide of how the different parts of your life experience will have a tendency to unfold this year.

Life Experience Components For 2018: 
Family and Health: Overall, there is a very creative and playful energy that moves into this part of life. It is beneficial to carve out "fun-time" with family this year, and especially when it comes to engaging in creative projects. One of the downsides to this star is its timeliness during this current 20-year cycle pattern the earth is in. It is considered untimely and therefore obstacles can occur when it comes to an undermining of finances, agitation in family, and vulnerability to the feet, neck, gallbladder or liver. This is especially so for eldest male. The yang wood tiger pillar for the year, which takes into account family dynamics, is a pretty cooperative energy. It favors cooperation with others and delegating chores fairly. That's good, as it helps offset the problematic components of the trigram positioned in this life sector for the year here. Other areas of vulnerability this year due to strong earth are as follows: Stomach, pancreas, anxiety and digestive processes. Specific element (s) is essential to restore proper flow of qi to this life area. Email me for your home report to find out exactly how to navigate this area, as every home will require a different cure.
Wealth & Finances:
This is a powerful resource trigram that builds wealth. With the right combination of trigrams in this portent (based on your personal home chart),your income can multiply! This trigram requires inner searching to make good financial moves. It is a strong real estate energy that blends beautifully with the strong earth (Earth Dog) combination for 2018. If you are contemplating a move, or real estate investment, this is the year to do it. Unfortunately, the elemental quality of this star clashes with the element of the southeast, where this star takes up residence for the entire year.  Without proper element choices, you will lose the benefit of this powerful white star. To find out what your home chart combinations are for 2018, email me.

Goals & Visions:
The trigram that enters this portent for the year is capable of fueling your intentions for 2018, as long as you are willing to do the work of further educating yourself in whatever discipline you are destine to practice in this life time. It can be a tricky star when it comes to relationships creating undue tension. This is a bit exacerbated by the fire rabbit day pillar for 2018 that can be temperamental. Securing a balance of elements in this portent for your home is a must so you can capitalize on your goals with clarity. Email me for your flying star home chart with personal suggestions.

Expect male to take the lead in relationship this year, as this star has strong male qualities. His guidance is beneficial, but as this star builds strength from the portent, it can also be draining for female. The fire rabbit pillar  for 2018 as mentioned can be temperamental, but there is a certain level of charm and diplomacy that can also be present. Travel is likely with partner, and especially visiting far off lands (outside the country). Find out what recommendations are best to balance this portent in your home by emailing me for your report.
Fun - Creativity & Children: 
This year there is a partnering energy that enters this portent. This bodes well when it comes to having fun with children and being creative with friends and significant other. However, this star also has problematic potential, and especially for females. Challenges can arise with children, along with stomach, intestinal, skin and mouth problems.  Luckily the direction element helps to quiet down the negative components of this star. Find out how to work with this portent with your home report.

Networking & Travel: 
Get ready for some flow and movement when it comes to career by way of networking and travel. This star is strong and beneficial in this current 20-year earth cycle. It does require for you to get introspective and write the road map for the long haul. Younger male input is worth listening to. Get your home report to see the best ways to capitalize on this great energy that spells out OPPORTUNITY!
Photo by Christina Garofalo (India)
Career & Life Path: 
Chaos is the only word to describe the star that enters this portent for the year. Think "Murphy's Law." Legal problems in business can also occur with greatest impact to younger males. With the wood tiger in the pillar of family and business, leisure time can take the front seat when it comes to work, as discipline is not something the wood tiger excels in. As this star requires a lot of discipline to offset the negative impact, this presents as a major problem. Vertigo and the urinary system can also be impacted by this star. This can be a very tricky energy to work with. One of the worse things for this star is activity, movement and flowing water, as it will simply aggravate and magnify the negative aspects. Email for advice with your home chart.

Inner Knowledge & Wisdom:
Lots of movement and high energy enters this portent for the year. This can play out two ways. First, you may find it challenging to get quiet in your meditation practice. Every time you want to sit and get still, this star will entice you to get up and go! Secondly, you may find yourself signing up for one educational program after another to build knowledge that propels new ideas and the undertaking of projects. Since the elements clash here, the shoulders, wrist and arms can be vulnerable.  Be careful in strong flow yoga classes this year, especially since 2018 is a year for earth practices such as yoga. Greatest impact is to males. Find out how this star should be handled in your home.

Other Areas to Be Mindful of:

Avoid any renovating in the direction of the Dog (Grand Duke), Northwest 1st mountain. Major disturbance here can result in loss of money due to challenges during renovation.  Also, try to avoid facing (at your desk), or sleeping with your head pointing in this direction (NW1).

You also want to avoid major renovations and landscaping in the area of the 3 Killings: This includes 316 degrees NW through 45 degrees of NE. Again, without proper protocol lots of issues can occur during renovations that can set you back in time and money.

Flying Star is an advance system that is based on the year your structure was built and the exact facing compass degrees to set up a personalized and proper chart. There are many interacting elements/ trigrams  (some 45 of them), that requires the skills of a professional feng shui consultant trained in such techniques. My trainings in this system of feng shui include the New York School of Feng Shui under Roger Green from Australia, and the London Institute of Feng Shui under Alan Stirling. The aspects mentioned in this newsletter are simply a generalized expression of the trigram but not personalized to your home.

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