Friday, April 13, 2018

Strong Triad of Financial Energy Today!

The energy line up for today has a terrific sequence of trigrams that runs across the line of networking, stability and realized income. Here's my recommendations:

  • Do your research, which may include some study-time, to determine who can assists you the most to advance your goals. This energy combination is flowing in the northwest portent that deals with leadership, mentoring guidance, changing perspective of how you see things, and opportunities that are available. Place strong metal element in the northwest today to give assistance to the portent that is doing a great deal of work to fuel this combination.
  • Be secure and committed to you vision. If it is unclear, make it clear! Add more fire to the center of your home or office to illuminate your goals. Write an affirmation or two for guidance.
  • Resources are an amazing aspect to the triad of financial stars that take the root from heaven to earth today. This has a potential to change your financial position. Place strong fire, moving water and money in the southeast today. Keep one finger on the pulse for real estate connections. 
The wood stem is yin today, so there is flexibility when it comes to your ideas and making a move on them. The pig branch sits beneath fueling the source of your ideas and constitution. It's a good idea to remain focused and organized so your mind doesn't get ahead of you today. Only take on what you realistically can.

Have a great and successful day!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -

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