Friday, April 27, 2018

Tune in to the Energy for Today!

Arcadia National Park

Lots of earth quality for today with the yin earth stem above the earth oxen branch. This sets up for a great deal of stability and reliability, which is extremely helpful if you need to make important decisions today. The element of earth is most noted by its ability to provide a strong foundation. There is a sense of security, nourishment and love when you feel supported. Today, offer that nourishment and love to those most in need. It is a day to "receive," so why not be the one to offer this support to others. You will receive plenty in return.

Additional Areas of Focus:

Looking at the energy of the trigrams today, there are a few notables areas to consider:

  • There is a terrific combination when it comes to relationships. This is a perfect day to play hooky with your significant other and have some fun! It is also a good day to join ideas with your business partner or your clients.
  • Those who are Realtors, you have a great combination to work with today in sales. Move forward with contract signings and new listings!
  • Ask family member or elder for career advice. You'll be happy you did, as it will ultimately lead to long-term benefits and bring clarity for your future goals and aspirations.
Areas to be Mindful of:

  • Overall, there is an arguing energy between mother and eldest son today. For you moms out there with sons, take two steps back before reacting to a situation that can easily be resolved.
  • If you are networking today there is tension that exist between older male and younger female. If this is a scenario that sounds familiar to you, you are better off rescheduling your meeting for better results.
  • Tension exist when it comes to ales and marketing today. This can have a negative impact for reputation. Take time to review approach and hold off setting things into motion today. Take the weekend to review your approach and start fresh next week.

Enjoy the energy profile today and work it out the best way for you!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl

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