Light - Shade - Color

There are so many ways to infuse different shades of lighting and color into your environment to maximize the flow of energy. They both promote physical vitality and mental alertness. 

One of the ways to get a feel for the lighting is to follow the sun on its journey around the room on a sunny day. Take note of how the light quality changes depending on the angle at which the sunlight falls through the window. Plan your d├ęcor around this observation to make the most of this type of lighting. This is the primary factor in creating a peaceful home atmosphere.

Lighting Ideas:

  • Use sheer fabrics as curtains or shades to diffuse and soften the light especially in living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Be flexible with artificial lighting. Go beyond a single light source by installing directional lighting on a favorite piece of artwork or individual lights around seating arrangements.
  • Use candles as mood lighting. Choose interesting holders as accent pieces or floating candles for an additional element layer.
  • Add an accent mirror to energize natural light source. Position a plant in front of the mirror to spread the light and double the impact of the plant.
Color Ideas:

  • Choose colors strategically. From a feng shui perspective, every direction has color association. This is based on the five Chinese elements. It's a powerful way to design and reap the highest benefits on a personal basis.
  • Bare in mind color has an impact on mood. Cooler hues tend to be calming and warmer hues tend to be stimulating. 
  • Accent colors can be used in cushions, pillows or throws.
  • Mix color hues to create a harmonious effect.They can be different colors in matching tones or a narrower range of colors in different tones.
  • Add a touch of pattern as an accent, especially if the room is monochromatic.

Creating a peaceful home begins with observing mother nature. You have everything you need by following Her lead. Have fun, and let the process unfold naturally.


Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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