Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wood is Strong in the Season of Spring!

Spring is on the rise with the support of strong wood. Coming out of the watery energy of winter, there is plenty of action within the earth for wood to rise as new shoots. So, what can you do to enhance your environment? Here are a few ideas to catapult healthy wood.


The most recognizable wood energy are plants, bushes, trees and herbs. Take a walk around your property and note where vegetation looks sparse. Clean out any decay and prepare the soil for new plantings. Plant taller vegetation to the rear and sides of the home, with the tallest to the rear  followed by the right side of the property, then the left when viewed from the street. If you are standing at your front door looking out to the roadway, then the higher vegetation is on the left and lower to the right. It is simply perspective of where you are standing, as they are the same sides.

Make sure this vegetation can withstand the rigors of weather and seasons. In other words, just because the season changes from cold to hot or hot to cold, the plant choice should be able to tolerate the fluctuations in temperature. By choosing sturdy vegetation you avoid an otherwise barren look during the colder months.

Other Landscaping Tips:

There are a number of feng shui landscaping design formulas to follow that I point out in many of my feng shui programs, but here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Incorporate curves whenever possible
  • Mix up the elements such as gravel, sand, soil, wood chips, etc.
  • Create movement in the southeast with bird feeder 
  • Combine a mixture of heights with seasonal plants against year-round vegetation
  • Create an herb garden in the southeast or east section of the yard
  • Include a water feature in the front
  • Use vegetation as a natural barrier whenever possible 
  • Use landscape lighting (solar is a nice choice)

Indoor Wood Tips:

Rooms that fall within the east and southeast portents of your home are directly associated with the element of wood. It's important to utilize this element, along with the parent element of water, and the child element of fire, as accents in these rooms. Here are a few examples of how to design wood rooms. 

  • Choose water or wood colors ( blues or greens). However, use very little water if this room presents as a bedroom or kitchen.
  • Choose real wood flooring and furnishings
  • Incorporate real flowing water (unless if a kitchen or bedroom)
  • Choose stripe or floral patterns
  • Columnar shapes in general bode well
  • Free flowing fabrics as accents
  • Plenty of live plants (only one if in a bedroom)
  • Herbs, especially in the kitchen
  • Candles in moderation

Clearing * Cleaning:

Okay, so who remembers growing up and mom saying; "It's time for spring cleaning!" My mom was big on pulling down all the curtains, washing the windows, cleaning the floors and the list goes on. I remember how good it felt right after all the cleaning and organizing was complete. It literally felt like a breath of fresh air. Mom was definitely onto something with this tradition that at the age of 87, she still abides by. Sure, it takes her much longer to get the job done, but the end result is still the same. It's a fresh start to welcome in the new energy that unfolds from the stagnation of winter.

Before diving into rearranging your wood rooms (Southeast and East) locations, think about cleaning, organizing and clearing the home. This sets the foundation to welcome in the shift from yin (passive), to yang (active), springtime energy. Once all the cleaning is complete, it's a good idea to seal it with a simple space clearing process. That could include burning sage or other herbs, to infusing your favorite essential oils throughout your home. Wrap it up with a few intentions, and enjoy the new sanctuary you created!

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl: