Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Nature's First Green is Gold"

Let's talk about natural accents. It's amazing how you can find harmony in nature's own palette. "Nature's first green is gold, " wrote the American poet Robert Frost in his 1923 ode to the fleeting natural world. Gold is the element of metal, and a perfect accent for your metal and water directions (West, NW and North). Making subtle adjustments to your décor periodically is an excellent way to celebrate the simplicity and oneness with the outdoors. Here are some examples of how you can invite mother nature inside.

  • Gold decorative mobile hung near a window or air vent for natural movement.
  • Macramé wall art unframed or framed in gold accent.
  • Bleached wood accent table. The lighter finish puts the focus on subtler natural details like the wood's grain and helps to keep key pieces together harmoniously.
  • Hand woven natural fiber area rug.
  • Accent metal trays for coffee table.
  • Florals rich in color with gold/yellow accents and of course vibrant greens.
Use one or two statement objects to attract the eye in a muted setting. Perhaps hammered bowl or vase that work together to refract light and cast a golden hue into polished surfaces like marble and glass. If you have an open space, add touchable textures such as a decorative throw or woven wall art.

When you work with the accents of nature in décor, you invite harmony into your life. From the words of John Muir; "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees."

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Energy Combinations to Guide You Through Your Day!

Monday mornings can always be a little challenging to get the energy flowing. The following are tips that can be used as guide throughout your day.

The element of Earth is strong during the morning and early afternoon hours. Resources are readily available for you so try to take advantage of that. Even if you are used to going it alone, it is far better to accept assistance from others. There is great support when dealing with real estate matters. This includes improving your own property or seeking out possible investment opportunities. The grounded quality the earth element provides makes it easier to make decisions today. Therefore, if there is something you have been putting off it might be a good idea to bring it to fruition today.

Movement of water begins to work against the foundation of earth this afternoon. Acute awareness to solve problems is likely; however, it is necessary to organize a plan before putting it into action. Actually, a bullet list for what you need to focus on is essential during the afternoon hours otherwise things can get out of control easily. Keep all lines of communication open for best outcome.

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Get back to your family roots or ask elder for advice with resources. Make sure you come to the table with your goals in mind for best results.
  • Hone in on career outlook. Male input is strong today and especially from a leader in the industry. The energy combination for career sector is spectacular today. Remember to check resources and keep your goals clear.
  • Refer to literature or materials that give you insight and wisdom to connect your resources and career.
  • Stick with a grounding yoga routine with graceful flowing aspects. The root meets the sacral today, so you'll feel safe expressing yourself on and off the mat!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Journey Forward - June Forecast

The Journey Forward
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June: The Journey Forward

Welcome all! 
The journey forward is the theme for the month of June. The combination of water, earth and fire with additional earth found in the horse month branch, bodes well for taming the peaking fire element for the upcoming Summer Solstice.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the qualities of these elements and the best way to navigate through them for best results.

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Journey Forward:

This month the one water element takes front and center. Water is in direct opposition to the fire quality of June. The two elements come together to form steam. In essence, steam can be viewed as prana, chi, life force that comes to rise in a new form.

Everything that was created, developed and matured now experiences its own dissolution. On the flip side, the fire element reaches its peak this month representing the summer solstice. The action of fire is to expand, illuminate and bring clarity to our vision and goals that are hopefully in alignment with our soul's mission.

Putting the Two Together:

The benefit of water is adaptability. Regardless of the circumstances that arise on your journey, water can fit in and play the part. Paying attention to your intuition, and listening to what others have to say will help in moving the energy forward. This is important, as there is a tendency for things to change easily under the influence water, especially when it comes to career.

The fire element is reaching peak this month with the upcoming summer solstice. Everything expands, widens and comes to light. There is a strong discriminating awareness to lead, communicate and mastermind ideas and situations. You can use these qualities to further develop your direction, goals and passions.

Earth to Fire - Pillars:
Earth rises above the fire horse pillar this month, and in doing so, creates stability. The rotational quality of earth gives the fire room to expand. This bodes well for making decisions.

The earth horse combination adds the aspects of caution and perceptivity when making changes this month. These are wonderful qualities to take advantage of when evaluating your next move, especially since the power of fire can cause us to react instead of respond when situations arise.

The one water star represents the north portent of your environment. Here are a few pointers for this direction:
  • Add a moving water feature such as a table-top water fountain.
  • Incorporate cascading or curved patterns and shapes.
  • Add metal decorative elements to build the water quality.
  • Powerful images such as building or bridges in artwork. Water scenes also will bodes well. 
One- water element prefers metal and water foods such as celery, onion, turnips, fish, seaweed, fennel, cabbage and eggplant. Try to incorporate these foods into your menu this month to absorb metal and water energy; two elements that work side-by-side.  Furthermore, it will help to cool down the peaking fire element of the summer solstice.

 Other Areas of Concern:
When one-water is the highlight trigram for the month, the remaining trigrams move to different positions. On a very basic level, we are able to see how other aspects of our life take on this moving energy. Here are some things to consider:
  • When it comes to family this month, there are plenty of  rich resources to spend time together. Take advantage of this powerful star and engage in family-time!
  • Wealth and finances are illuminated this month. There is opportunity for financial gain. Make sure your goals are in alignment with planned expenses. Then, take the rest and bank it!
  • Creative business venture is available to you this month. Think outside the box for best outcome.
  • Partner up in networking this month. Male and female combination is most effective.
  • You may be called to travel or take the lead in business/career this month. Go for it as it is a powerful combination for success.
  • Reading, literature, writing are all components for self-study and meditation practice this month.

Yoga Poses:

Helpful poses for the water trigram this month are as follows:
  • Butterfly
  • Pigeon
  • Dancer
  • Child's pose
These will all help to cool down the heat from fire peaking. Poses that tend to heat us up are:
  • Revolved half moon
  • Devotional warrior
  • Bird of paradise
  • Side plank

Take time to check out my summer solstice video! I do this ceremony every year. This video is from last year and wanted to post it before the solstice so you can get an idea of how you can celebrate this powerful time of the year!

Summer Solstice Ceremony Video!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fire and Earth Join Together Today!

Vibrant Flowers

There is a steady flow of fire and earth today in the forecast. Yin earth takes the lead as the heavenly stem. This is a receptive and nourishing quality that is available to you as you move through your tasks today. It's also a good time to reach out to others, as they will be glad to assist you in any way they can. It's also important to have a clear idea of how you are going to plan out your day. Write down what you need to accomplish, make clear and concise decisions, and stick to your approach. 

The afternoon hours move into the energy of fire. Take care of public matters including PR work or marketing themes you may have been working on. Keep the passion burning for your vision and goals. If something isn't working or in alignment with your vision, then make the change today.

The combination of earth and fire evokes a more level-headed manner to your work today. Definitely  err on the side of caution when finalizing any decision. Don't let others change your mind or your approach. Stick to your plan and run with it.

Other Areas of Focus Today:

  • Secure networking contacts as there is potential for new business venture. The combination of trigrams really bodes well for long-term outcome.
  • There is a trigger to financial gain today but does require honing in on marketing tactics. Make changes where necessary, as this is the theme that runs for the entire day - goals, vision and marketing!
  • Partnership is strong for financial gain as well. Once again, the focus must be on marketing tactics. 

Enjoy your day!
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