Being Mindful With Your Plants

Did you ever think that being mindful with your plants can actually keep you in the present moment? We can most certainly learn something from our plants. Notice how they acclimate to their surroundings - sunlight, water, air temperature -  and how they use those surroundings to thrive. Plants can teach us the great lesson of patience, humility and impermanence; the cycles of beginning, maturing, ending and transforming.

In feng shui, plants are a symbol of growth, vitality, health and abundance. They are notoriously positioned in the area of "wealth" and "health" within an environment as a reminder how we need to take responsibility in these areas of our life. Just as we tend to our plants, we also must tend to our health and wealth.

We can rejoice in seeing new leaves sprout, flower shoots emerge, and plants growing taller and wider. It is an amazing feeling to know your plants are thriving because you are tending to them. Can you do the same for yourself?

Mindful Exercise:

Take a moment to connect with your plants. Perhaps have a little chat with them. They make wonderful listeners! Observe weekly any new shoots, and take note of how they emerge. January is the month for creating, so why not create plant groupings that remind you of memorable trips and locations: a bowl of cacti evokes a desert landscape while a terrarium of ferns and mosses recalls the soft floor of a forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Being mindful means engaging with other living things. A plant isn't as demanding as a pet or another human being, but can offer us comfort and happiness. Take the time to nourish your plants and you'll be amazed how nourished you feel in return.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl.


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