April Showers Bring May Flowers

Dublin, Ireland

We may not enjoy the rain but it sure does wonders for these flowers! The month of May is a beautiful time to appreciate the vibrant colors of Spring. While you are enjoying the scenery of nature's gifts, you may want to know what the feng shui energy is for this month. Here are a few areas to be mindful of.

  •  Connect with family this month. Take the lead in setting up a reunion or creating a family tree album. Take interest in your heritage, ancestors and new additions to the family. There can be tension that arises especially between patriarch and eldest son. Vulnerability to tendons and ligaments of the legs and neck area. Add water element (can be virtual water) to the east portent of your home so things flow with ease.
  •  Creative writing and literature is strong this month, so if you are a writer take advantage of this energy. On the flip side, watch bank account and credit cards as there is a possibility of them being compromised. Avoid using credit cards online or at the gas pump. Use cash instead. Place virtual water element in the southeast to weaken this potential issue.
  •  Ideas seem to pour in this month that can translate to windfalls. The tendency is to act quickly on these ideas, but it is better to slow the pace and move with precision. Add a fire element to the south direction to slow down this otherwise raspinarious energy.
  •  Chaos in relationships this month. Listen before you speak and take into consideration  someone else's point of view. Place strong metal element or ring a bell frequently in the southwest direction to break up this negative energy.
  •  Take time this month to review your long-terms goals and plans. Make sure the element of FUN is included in your plan. Add a metal element to the west direction this month and open up time for some R&R.
  •  Network with like-minded people this month. Those who share your vision and goals. This will lead to great opportunities. Add water and wood element to the northwest direction and watch your goals unfold before your eyes.
  •  Reading, writing, and literary works are all a part of your job this month. In other words, research and paperwork are necessary to advance in career. Add water element to the north direction and let your career path move forward.
  •  Meditation practice may be thwarted this month. Resist the urge to busy your schedule up so there is no time to become quiet. To sacrifice a quiet mind is to sacrifice your peace of mind. Add metal element to the northeast to drain this negative energy.
  •  Money and resources have the ability to soar this month. This is a very fortuitous energy that graces the center of the home. Place strong terminating crystals, plug-in incense burner and money to attract wealth. Keep activity high in the center of your home.

Enjoy all the beautiful flowers!



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