How's Your Curbside Appeal?


Spring season is an active time for real estate sales. First impressions count - especially when you are selling a home. Generally, it takes only 7 seconds to make a good impression. That means a potential buyer will base a large part of their decision according to their first impression. Here are some simple and cost effective ways to ramp things up and attract the right buyer.

1. Perspective: If you want to know how someone will perceive your home at first glance, then go outside and take a look at your home from across the street. Better yet, park your car down the street and walk towards your home. What are the first impressions? Where can improvements be made? And don't forget to take a look at night. You never know who may decide to do a 'drive-by' during the evening hours. Illuminating your property effectively is paramount.

2. Landscaping: Keeping up the yard is key when it comes to curbside appeal. There is nothing like overgrown bushes, trees, weeds or barren property to turn away a potential buyer. Stay on top of mowing the lawn and raking out any debris from the beds. Plant some bright flowers to accent beds and front entrance. This is a perfect way to draw positive energy to your property and home. Neat and tidy lawns are definitely a head turner!

3. Power wash it! Think of it as giving your home a good shower. Wash off the mildew, dirt and mold. Don't forget to hit the sidewalks, walkways and doors. If your home looks dirty on the outside,  people will think it is dirty on the inside.

4. Roof: While you are power washing the rest of the home, don't forget about your roof. Think of the roof as your head. You wouldn't want to shower your body without shampooing your hair. A dirty roof will move the potential buyer to think the roof is faulty and in need replacement.

5. Fresh paint: Notice if the paint looks worn, cracking or peeling on the body of the house, trim or doors. Many times a simple touch up is all you need to make that lasting impression.  A little paint goes a long way to attract buyers.

6. Front Door: This is  the mouth to the home and can be a deal breaker. Spruce up the front door by either painting it, replacing it, or adding new fixtures to it. While you are at it, take notice of the lighting fixtures and address numbers around the door entrance area. Replacing these accents can add a whole new look and turn shoppers into owners!

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Happy Sales!
Mary Jane Kasliner


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