Feng Shui & Yoga Insights July 2019

Long Beach, LI

The Feng Shui month begins on July 8th. The energy welcomes travel, mentors and inspiration.  Focus on creating peace and harmony through your natural gifts and talents. Refine your intentions, create beauty and live in clarity. Pave the way for higher awareness and you will find yourself at the right place in the right time.

The energetic combination between the 6  Metal loshu number for July, and 8 Earth quality for 2019, aligns elementally towards finances, especially when it comes to real estate transactions. Read on and discover how this energy impacts other parts of your life.

Health: Be mindful of pelvis, sacrum and hips this month. There is strain between the elements and therefore these body parts are more vulnerable. Metal vibration such as ringing a bell frequently and virtual water bodes well in the southeast to drain this inauspicious combination.

Eye irritation or cardiac issue could arise this month. Place a healthy plant in the south to abate tension between the elements.

Intestinal discomfort may arise especially for female this month. Add fire element to the southwest and metal to the north to soften the effects.

Relationships: Untimely energy in family sector which can result in disputes and separation. Add fire element to the east to drain these effects.

Strain in relationship between eldest son and mother. Stave off fights by adding fire element to the southwest. This cure is mentioned above to regulate intestinal irritation.

Wealth & Business: It is a good month to forge a partnership with new business venture. The energy bodes well for possible windfalls.

Steady progressive wealth enters the house of creativity. Capitalize on this by incorporating a creative slant to your business model. Sometimes a little adventure is all you need to come up with a creative idea! Add moving water or incense burner to the west to activate wealth.

Promote long term business plan and strategy this month. Taking the time to configure your plan impacts your career and promotion possibilities. Adding vibrant plant to the south bodes well. This cure is mentioned above under "health" section.

Be mindful of credit card hacking and scams this month. They are out there in full force trying to take your money and credit ratings. Strong metal and virtual water to the southeast. This cure is previously mention under health section.

In & Around the Home: Take a closer look at the northwest sector of your home and property this month. Things to consider:

  1.  Clear clutter and trim back overgrown vegetation.
  2.  Incorporate earth and metal elements.
  3.  Images of heavenly realm, saints, angels, travel, mentors, globes, or sky scape.
  4.  Outdoors include curving pathways, stones, metal lawn ornaments, chimes, sundial.
  5.  Square or oval shapes and design patterns.
  6.  Metal and earth paint hues.

Vriksha means "tree" in Sanskrit. The tree pose is a standing balance on one leg. The foot of the lifted leg is placed on the inner thigh of the standing leg, and both hands are held above the head. The legs represent the roots of the tree, buried underground, and the trunk of the tree begins at the trunk of the body, growing all the way up through the spine and the arms, which are the branches.

The Yogi Tree: Since ancient times, yogis have made the forest their favorite place for practice. The trees were their home, providing them with shelter and food in the form of fruits and nuts. In a broader sense, the forest refers to the world, the whole of creation, and we are a part of it.

The tree pose offers an opportunity to meditate on a tree's qualities. The tree is tolerant. It gives shade to even those who come to cut it down. The true yogi gives the fruits of spiritual wisdom as generously as trees offer flowers, fruits, wood and shade. Trees dedicate their lives to the welfare of others. This pose imbues the body, mind, and breath with the qualities of generosity, strength and balance. These are also the qualities of the 6 Metal Qian trigram that arises in the month of July. 
Include tree pose in your practice this month and contemplate the qualities it offers to us all.

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This month prepare foods that invoke the elements of earth, metal and water. This will carry the flow from summer heat to cooling water chi. Some ideas include:
  • Fennel, sweet potato, beans, mushrooms, avocado, onions turnips, rice, shallots, radishes, ginger, fish, eggplant, sea vegetables, cabbage and variation of seeds.
*Since fire, earth and metal are in a trine this month, also consider practicing yin yoga poses that will open these meridians. Here a few suggestions:

Sphinx, Seal, Fish, Quarter Dog, Child's, Seated Forward Fold, Dragonfly, Dragon, and Saddle Pose. Get the chi flowing and fuel these systems with proper foods, thoughts and movement!

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