Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces - Oh My!


     Kitchen and bathroom surfaces can be costly, yet being so visible, they form a key part of the overall look of the space. When making your choice of material, consider functionality, style and of course cost. It also behooves you to consider the environment when making your design choice. Choosing organic and sustainable materials not only saves the environment but looks amazing. The following is a s short list of some materials that look great, have a high durability factor, and are eco-friendly.

Bamboo: This product is fabulous looking offering a solid wood surface. From a feng shui perspective, this element bodes best in the east, southeast or south directions.  Bamboo has natural antibacterial quality, which makes it useful for a work surface. Naturally, it is light brown, but can be stained or finished with Danish oil for protection. There is a high cost value however, as most bamboo is grown in the Far East.

Natural Stone: Great look but extremely heavy and often must travel far unless it is sourced from your own country. Try opting for a natural textured stone instead of a high gloss finish. Sealants are necessary to protect the surface, so check there are no VOC's or other toxins that can off-gas into your kitchen. This material bodes best in the northeast, southwest, west or northwest directions.

Recycled Wood: Take a trip to your local reclamation center and see what you find. Persistence can pay off for some real gems. Reclaimed oak or teak tabletops from schools or universities can often be sourced adding an interesting look and durability to your counter-top. This element bodes best in the east, southeast or south directions.

Mosaics: Making use of small fragments of glass or ceramics is a great look. Small tiles can also be used. This is a labor intensive project so the cost on that end can be high. Hiring an artist to design the surface pattern is the ultimate. Keep in mind, small chips of stone need to be firmly adhered to a backing. Glass mosaics bode best in the north, east or southeast directions.

     Alongside looks, durability, and ease of maintenance are important considerations in your design project. Also bear in mind that if you decided to refit your kitchen or bathroom and no longer have use for the surface, the material must go somewhere. Consider these issues from the beginning so there are no surprises once your project begins.

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