Friday, July 26, 2013

The Clutter Connection

The Clutter Connection

Clutter can impact every part of your life and determine your daily life experience. How so? Simple. Every part of the built environment represents a part of your life experience from how you interact with others, your physical and emotional health, finances, and much more. Below is a portion of what you can expect to impact your life when there is an invasion of clutter.

  • East - Clutter here can cause discord between family members, challenge eldest son and present with physical challenges when it comes to the neck, feet or liver and gallbladder systems.
  • Southeast - Here the challenge points to finances in terms of what we can actually save in the bank or other investment venues. Eldest females can incur obstacles alone with challenges with the hips, pelvic and thigh areas.
  • South - Finding it difficult to discover your natural talents or be recognized for them? Here is the area that can be stifled when clutter takes over. Not to mention cardiovascular issues, eye irritations, small intestinal flare ups and female energy being thwarted.
  • Southwest - So relationships are challenging. Perhaps the matriarch of the home is encountering one issue after another or the abdomen seems to always be aggravated. This area can also impact relationship with friends and co-workers too.
  • West - When the energy is stifled here it can impact the skin, mouth, teeth and determine whether or not you are able to enjoy your self. Life can become overly serious when this area is weighted down. 
  • Northwest - Look out when it comes to finding new opportunity and engaging in networking ideas. This is an area of potential wealth so when it is closed down it becomes very difficult to get finances moving in the right direction. It also will impact meeting the right people to get you up and running in business. The patriarch is most challenged in this area as well as issues of the head and neck area.
  • North - Feeling a crunch when it comes to your career? Well this is the area that will shut down any advancements for you when it is compromised and especially when it comes to male energy. The bladder and kidney systems can also become vulnerable when obstructions are found here.
  • Northeast - Meditation is one of the most profound ways to connect to higher self and build your intuition as you walk through life. When this area is shut down it is difficult to rely on higher wisdom. The shoulders and hands can also be compromised and especially for young males.
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~Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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