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What's In Store for August?

What's In Store for August?

August 8th starts the month of the Monkey in 4 Pillars Astrology. The Monkey has a very imaginative and inquisitive mind. There is interest in everything around them. That means August will be filled with opportunities and people will be very crafty and cunning along with being dishonest, so keep your guard up especially since there will be a tendency not to listen to advice.

The metal heavenly stem combines with the Monkey metal branch for August and sets the energy in motion when it comes to being determined. There is plenty of confidence and independence when it comes to work and financial dealings, but socially, the Metal Monkey will look to be around others and enjoy the long summer nights.

Where's the money this month?

In order to activate the money this month it will require you to look within and get in touch with higher self. What are your motives? What drives your financial goals? If they are not in alignment for the greater good, then watch it slip through your fingers. Increase your meditation and yoga practice this month and activate the northeast sector with fire and earth elements. Also activate money flow with moving water. If there are any financial deals in waiting, get that intention written and place it in this portent.

Checking in with Family & Health for This Month...

The energy in the east is very active and being assisted by the direction. With the 5 sha star sitting here for the year, watch feet, neck and tendons especially for males.  This energy is also very active when it comes to interacting with family. Just take it easy when in conversation as things can fly off the handle easily. Adding a little fire to the east will drain the otherwise active star. Of course you should have your bronze metal element (in the form of a bell), as the sound will break up the yearly sha here.

Fortunate Blessings for the Month?

The star that graces the southeast, albeit brings in a creative flare when it comes to writing, it doesn't bode well when it comes to relationships. Fighting may be more prevalent this month and place strain on family matters especially when it comes to finances. Adding the element of fire to the southeast will drain off this problematic star.

Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?

This is the month to let it all out. It's time to go for whatever it is to reach your goal(s). Success and promotion is a definite when you connect to your soul's mission in life. No excuses, just do it! The energy receives assistance in the south. Adding a healthy plant to this direction is a wonderful way to ignite things.

Relationship Heaven or Hell?

This is a tough month when it comes to romance and especially for females. So much so it may give you literally a stomach ache. Break out the metal elements and especially bronze metal and place in the southwest portent for the month and pay attention to your partner.

Summer Fun!

When it comes to having fun this month be creative. Use your common sense when it comes to enjoying the rest of the summer. It doesn't have to cost anything...Even your backyard can turn out to be the best place to sit back and have some fun. The energy here for the month is creative and joyful BUT it also can cause problems when it comes to accidents to mouth and skin areas. If you plan to be away, then make sure your locks are in good working order, as theft is associated with the star that resides in the west this month. Add virtual water element such as a glass jar filled with seashells and drain off that problematic star.

Travel in Your Future?

This month travel is a natural. Going to places you never have been is in the air so why not go for it. It also a great month for gaining networking opportunities that lead to increase finances just in time for that trip! The northwest direction where this white star resides is receiving assistance. Adding some earth elements such as stones or statuary is a perfect way to awaken this energy.

Career Advancement?

August is a good month for advancement in career. This is possible if you are putting in the extra time and learning whatever it is you need to learn. It will not go unnoticed. The north sector naturally assists this beneficial star but adding an element of metal here is a nice way to boost it.

It's All About the Center...

August is a 5 month and that is a very problematic star overall. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The key is to take caution and move slowly. It's not advisable to make any major decisions when this star resides in the center position. The best remedy is for a sound vibration such as a bell. By ringing it frequently you are able to break up the qi here. Bronze metal element is also helpful.
Enjoy your August!

Mary Jane Kasliner - Feng Shui Master & Yogi

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