Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea Totaler Says : Follow the Sun!

Good Thursday morning! Sipping my cup of tea as the sun is streaming in through my window. Following the sun on its journey around the room on a sunny day makes for some interesting feng shui design. Notice how the light quality changes depending on the angle at which the sunlight falls through the window. Plan your interior decor to make the most of such daily and seasonal changes. For example, my den is positioned between the east and southeast portents. This is a very energetic room as the sun is in its ascent position so the ions in the atmosphere are full and fresh. Water and wood elements in decor work fabulous in this room along with a dash of fire. A beautiful stained glass throws a rainbow of colors across the room. What works just as effectively and looks great is several color glass bottles filled with water. Place on window ledge and you have a fabulous look!

~Mary Jane -

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Confidence

The yin water sheep combines for an interesting combination of energy for today. The stem and branch are in conflict with the branch holding back the water stem. Expect to deal with some stress today whether it is lack of follow through from others, electronic difficulties or simply a multitude of items stacking up on your "to do' list. Try to sift through it all with an open mind. The good aspect of this combination is an unexpected opportunity may arise. You will notice this but question your abilities to handle it. Be more confident and trust in what you do know. Watch spending later this afternoon!

~Mary Jane - - Elite feng shui education & consultations!