Friday, September 30, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Projects !

Today the yin wood rabbit combines for a very calming energy. Albeit there is a great deal of wood in this combination, the polarity is yin and therefore less active than its counterpart (yang). However, this is still an element about creating things whether it is a new idea that is sparked or simply acting on a project that may have been neglected. It is best to work in a group today as oppose to going solo. People will be very helpful and offer any assistance needed in order to complete the task at hand.

~Mary Jane -

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler- Power in Elements!

Good morning my fellow feng shui enthusiast. As I am sipping my cup of green tea on a rainy day a thought occurred to me about the power of elements in our environment. The elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal correspond to the seasons in nature. Each element has specific characteristics that mirror these qualities. When they are incorporated in design they have a powerful impact. For example, I am sitting in my office right now surrounded primarily by the elements of fire and earth. Why? My office is located in the northeast portent of my entire home. The northeast relates to a time of year between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. It is a point on the compass that represents the earth axis line connecting the northeast through the center to the polar point of the southwest. It is considered a strong earth line. In 5 element theory, each element passes through phases or cycles just as in nature or what we experience as the seasons. The earth element is considered the stabilizer between each season. In other words, when we pass from lets say summer to fall, there is a transition phase where the weather begins to change. The temperature begins to get cooler but then all of a sudden we may experience an unusually hot day. The earth element is the stabilizer between each season to navigate that flow into temperature changes and other changes that we visually see happening. We don't just jump into a season but rather dance with it and settle in.

In 5 element theory, a practice followed closely in feng shui application, the assisting element to earth is earth. Think of it as its best friend or sibling. The parent or supporter of earth is fire. Therefore, as I sit in my comfortable office, located in the northeast portent of my home, it is decorated in fire and earth elements to assist and support the aforementioned earth direction (northeast). The power behind choosing elements that assist and support the element associated with a specific direction boils down to comfort, ease, harmony and success. So the next time you look to decorate a room be sure to take note where the room is located before delving into your paint choice and other decorative items. Here's a simple guide in designing any room in your home or office: Feng Shui Designs in a Flash. Just scroll down past my other publications and you'll find this jewel when it comes to designing your environment for harmony, success and a fabulous overall look!

~Mary Jane -

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Methodical!

The yin water ox gathers some interesting energy on this cloudy Wednesday morning. The combination of elements is in clash so you may find some tension and struggles throughout the day. However, by being methodical, organized and reviewing things closely you can avoid any major conflicts. By taking this approach you'll find others will come to assist you in getting the job done. Be prepared to shoulder the burden of work however today.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Don't be Overly Trusting!

Good Monday Morning! The yang metal pig combination is an interesting forecast for today. First off, the metal stem activates especially during the morning hours. Take advantage of the metal qualities by making a methodical list of what you need to accomplish today. Organization is a key factor in order to move through your goals. That means to organize your thoughts and your environment. 

This afternoon the pig energy is strong. You'll want to take a long lunch or meet with friends/family for dinner. The social aspect is important but just remember two thing; don't be overly trusting and too forthright with your views.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Slow things up!

It's a good day to slow things up a bit. The earth monkey is all about taking it down a notch. This bodes well as it is also the end of a work week. Take time to contemplate and figure out what your next move is on your path. With the earth monkey the slower the better. This combination is also fantastic when it comes to your financials. It is a great time to evaluate your portfolio and see if there are any areas that need adjustment. There are plenty of people around you that are supportive of your efforts and as a result this does lead to unexpected opportunity albeit short term. This combination of energy also points to sharing your blessings with those less fortunate.

~Mary Jane -

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Be your own resource...

Resources may seem mixed today for you so why bother getting upset about it and be your own resource. The yin fire stem combines with the sheep branch for a natural flow of elements (fire to earth). If you simply take two steps back and ground yourself you'll see you have everything you need. This will be especially important towards the end of the day. Stick to your authentic self and everything will fall into place. Staying close to home will be advantageous.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Make Your Mark!

Get ready for a powerful combination of fire energy and yang fire moves to the fire horse. This is a day to make your mark in your profession! There is so much fire that you should take time to rethink your marketing and promotional aspect of services you specialize in. Get out there and make yourself known, Be authentic and find your true power. There are plenty of people who are looking for what you can offer if but only you believe it to be true. Cool some fire down today by taking part in some earth activities such as yoga, meditation, qigong or simply kicking your shoes off and walking barefoot on Mother Earth. If none of those activities entice you what about planting some mums to welcome in the fall equinox!

~Mary Jane -

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Power Working with Others!

Good morning! Today the yin wood stem combines with the snake branch for fantastic results when it comes to business. First, it bodes well to work with others today as you can maximize the results of what you are trying to accomplish. It is extremely important you are clear about your services. What makes you stand out from the rest in your industry? This should become your focus, as once you are able to successfully define that you'll notice a substantial increase in your bottom line. Heed the advice of a mentor as it will directly influence how you can stand out from the rest.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler - Fall Equinox!

September 22nd - The Fall Equinox:

The autumnal equinox is the first day of fall. This year is falls on September 22nd. It is celebrated by many different cultures and plays a significant role in some beliefs. For most people, fall is a time that ushers in harvests, preserving food for the upcoming months, enjoyment of the colors of the changing leaves and beginning to prepare oneself both physically and psychologically for the upcoming colder months. For Keats, the famous poet, fall was the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness". A beautiful season, fall is filled with color, crisp days and provides an excuse to indulge in great foods.

In feng shui, the equinox represents a time of year where the earth begins to contract and pull inward to prepare of the colder months ahead. The earthly branch representation is the Rooster; an archetype energy that is trustworthy, honest and reliable. It contains the element of metal, an inward force that is driven and rigid. Metal is at prosperity point or what is considered to be at peak right now. Therefore it behooves you to take advantage of the aforementioned qualities of metal. Try not to shy away from the term "rigid" but rather think of it as being focused at the task or mission at hand. ​

The Rooster is positioned on the 24 mountain template in the west, a direction where our sun sets and a time of year to reap the benefits of your hard work. All of this begins with the first day of fall. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

  • Understand the meanings associated with the autumnal equinox. This is the day when both the daytime and nighttime are of the same length, which has been long interpreted to mean that the world is in balance. Once the autumnal equinox passes, the nights begin to get longer and the temperatures will start to fall. Autumn is a time of dual purpose––it is time to gather the main harvests and it is time to determine what is needed for the upcoming winter. This is also about balance and as such, fall is considered the season of balance, a time during which you can restore balance to your own life.
  • Consider a dinner party to welcome autumn. Celebrate with family and friends and offer some fall foods such as squash, apples and pears. Why not have people bring their favorite fall food for the meal. Be creative and have fun with this.
  • Build or set up a monument to autumn. Why not build a small stone circle. It can be either outdoors (if you have a yard) or create it indoors on a cocktail table. Choose stones from the outdoors (larger ones for your yard), and arrange them in a circle. You can mark off the 4 cardinal directions with a different stone. Be creative, maybe infuse some feathers, pine cones or acorns. The idea is to honor nature, mother earth and her abundance.
  • Have a despacho ceremony. This is a Peruvian shamanic tradition. It is an offering to Mother Earth and Father sky for the abundance they provide. This is such a fun way honor the earth. You can simply gather different berries, grains, sweets, feathers, shells or anything you would like to offer back to nature. Wrap it like a present and either burn it, bury it or send it down a water-way. I have a wonderful ceremony that I share with my feng shui students. Here are a few photos:           

  • Make a list of your inner harvest. An inner harvest refers to all the achievements and experiences that you have had or felt during the past few seasons. This is a way of restoring gratitude into your life, as you realize what you have done and how you have coped with challenges during the past months.
  • Contemplate. This is a season when the buzzing activity of summer dies down and the excitement of life outdoors begins to relax into the more evenly paced, more predictable rhythm of fall. Think about the ways you have neglected your inner growth and how this might be remedied.
  • Meditate or do yoga. Try to find your balance, in the same way that the world finds its balance on the autumnal equinox

Happy Fall Equinox!

~Mary Jane

Ms. Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Putting Ideas into Practice!

Good Monday morning! Get ready to put your ideas into practice. The yang wood dragon is an action packed combination of energy. You may find yourself rolling up your sleeves and finally getting those terrific ideas into something that is tangible. Trust there are plenty of potential clients that will engage with your service. Don't worry about figuring out the details just yet. There are plenty of resources to support your efforts but you need to take the first step.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...What are you offering as a service?

What are you offering as your service? Today, the metal rat combination focuses on your self expression. In business that translates as your services to the public. Personally it corresponds to how you serve others in your family or community. The metal stem influences how we organize our mind and environment so if you are having difficulty translating what or how you serve others, then perhaps you need to take time out and organize your thoughts and living/working surroundings. This combination of energy (metal to rat), is also very beneficial for financial organization. In other words, take a look at your investment portfolio and see where you can make some adjustments for the better.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Earth Pig - Primary Wealth & Power!

Today the earth stem combines with the pig branch and this is a spectacular combination for primary wealth and proper power. What does that all mean? Primary wealth is more about setting long terms goals and career points that lead to financial freedom. This may include a career change, business venture or simply reinventing yourself. In doing so you are able to navigate your internal power, your authenticity and this will naturally unfold in leading and helping others. This approach is power expressed at it highest level.

~Mary Jane - - Elite feng shui education & consultations!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler

Ever wonder the best shape for your dining table? Believe it or not the shape affects the ambience of the room. Square or rectangular represents the earth element, and thus has a grounding effect. Circular represents the element of metal that moves into water, prompting lively conviviality. This shape bodes especially well if the room is square as you create the cosmology symbol - a powerful impact for the room.
So the next time you are wondering if the shape of your dining table makes a difference - it most certainly does!

~Mary Jane - 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady: Dynamic Wealth!

Good Monday Morning! This fire rooster day is filled with action, power and dynamic wealth! So what does that all mean? The fire rooster energy combination is fantastic when it comes to organizing your business approach and services. As you dig in, you'll discover opportunities that were always available to you but perhaps the timing wasn't right. Well, the timing is right now - go for it! Become the leader but remain tactful in your opinions and how you approach these new opportunities. It is important to remain grounded and think through your decisions.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Powerful Expression!

Today the wood horse combination is fantastic when it comes to your business services. Take advantage of promoting your business and lay the ground-work for future opportunities. Working with others is beneficial to get the job done but does require you to let go a bit. Following the advice of others will prove to build long term career success and financial stability.

Ms. Feng Shui Tea-Totaler - Ceilings!

In feng shui study, the concept of micro/macrocosm is followed and put into practice. Therefore, every part of a building structure corresponds to the human body. Ceilings then correspond to the head. The structural dynamics of ceilings also have a tremendous impact on how energy flows. With that being said, it is very important to pay attention to your ceilings. Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Make sure all your ceilings are in good physical condition - no water stains, chipping paint, etc.
  • Flat or dome shaped are most auspicious as energy can move freely throughout the space.
  • Overly high ceilings (12-30 feet) pulls energy upward leaving little energy source in the living part of the room.
  • Overhead beams, albeit attractive in design, present a challenge when found in bedrooms or rooms that a great deal of time are spent in. The right angle formed between the beam and wall causes a back-flow  of energy compressing it downward at 96 feet/second (gravity) and can negatively impact occupants directly beneath it.
  • Inverted "V" ceilings that slope downward are also problematic since they constrict energy flow causes a suppressed feeling for occupants sleeping or working beneath them.
  • Very low ceilings (less than 8 feet) will feel very constricting and to sleep or work beneath.
Discover how to rectified these common ceiling designs in any of my mini-fengshui series programs or my first book: The Feng Shui Connection to a Healthy Life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says...Objectivity!

Happy Wednesday! Nice to think we are already half way through the work week:) Today, the water stem combines with the dragon branch. These two elements do oppose one another in nature's cycle. The earth will dam or absorb water and sure enough we still have hurricane Hermine hanging overhead at the Jersey shore. Effective communication is extremely important this morning in order to deflect tension and controlling behavior that is likely as the day moves forward. Objectivity is the most important dynamic when working with others today. By remaining objective you'll win over more clients today, albeit they will challenge you. Put in the extra time to do the job right and all will be well.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Feng Shui Astrology Lady Says... Define your Views in Life!

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend! Always nice to have that extra day to just chill out. Today, the metal heavenly stem combines with the wood Rabbit branch. It is best to concentrate on organizing your thoughts so you can get a better handle on your views in life. Spend time this morning sorting through your mind and your environment to organize and put things in proper perspective.

These two elements (metal to wood rabbit) have a tendency to bring conflict. This may show up as confusion in your thought process and doubt in the direction you are moving. Settle the conflict with the element of water. In other words, listen carefully and observe what is going on around you and try to communicate your thoughts more effectively.

~ Mary Jane -