Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tips for Your Feng Shui Thursdays!

Let's talk about natural accents. It's amazing how you can find harmony in nature's own palette. "Nature's first green is gold, " wrote the American poet Robert Frost in his 1923 ode to the fleeting natural world. Gold is the element of metal, and a perfect accent for the metal portents of west and northwest, or the water portent of north. Making subtle adjustments to your décor is an excellent way to celebrate the simplicity and oneness with the outdoors. Here are some examples of how you can invite mother nature inside.

  • Seashells or starfish placed in a decorative glass bowl and placed in the north portent is a lovely way to accent the element of water. It's always important to be mindful of where you are positioning actual water, so this is a great way to infuse the element virtually. 
  • Macramé wall art unframed or framed. This is a fabulous way to infuse texture into your décor. 
  • Bleached wood accent table. The lighter finish puts the focus on subtler natural details like the wood's grain and helps to keep key pieces together harmoniously.
  • Hand woven natural fiber area rug. Working with natural fibers improves air quality.
  • Accent metal tray for coffee table is a great focal point while activating the qualities of clarity and focus.
  • Florals rich in color will naturally increase the energy (chi) within the environment. 
Use one or two statement objects to attract the eye in a muted setting. Perhaps hammered bowl or vase that work together to refract light and cast a golden hue into polished surfaces like marble and glass. If you have an open space, add touchable textures such as a decorative throw or woven wall art.
When you work with the accents of nature in décor, you invite harmony into your life. From the words of John Muir; "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees."

Live Consciously!
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