Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Working Today's Energy Patterns

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This is a day to delve in and run with your mission. Fire rising allows you to take advantage and carve out your new nitche. Get to the planning board and play around with some ideas. You may want to call in a few close friends to assist you in the process. You'll do much better with a group approach rather than doing it alone. Make sure you spend some time with family today as well. Plan a nice dinner without interruptions.

Other Areas to be Mindful of Today:

  • Stick with the planning stage of new ventures rather than actually unveiling them. There are way too many decisions to make that require clarity. The central star is just not reliable when it comes to making sound decisions today.
  • Continue your networking process today. Hone in on those who can offer you good advice. Seek a mentor if need be.  
  • Keep your vision and goals aligned with your actions. It is too easy to be derailed today. Slow and steady is the pace to strive for.
  • Research is essential in your process today. The more you can gather right information, the greater financial results.
  • Partnership/relationships are in good alignment today. Working closely with those your trust elicits great results!
  • Pay attention to detail with any real estate dealings. Avoid signing a contract today, as the tendency is for something to go wrong.
  • In terms of exercise today, stick with a slower moving yoga class or relaxing walk through the park.
  • Include some wood and earth foods in your diet today. Citrus, greens, quinoa, beans and mushrooms are a few examples. 

Enjoy working with the energetic combinations for today!


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