It's Monday and It's Time to Establish Your Focus!

Today is a day to turn up your focus and establish something new. That should be pretty simple as the heavenly stem for today is yang wood. Wood is an element that is all about new beginnings, growth and potential. However, don't be tempted to jump around from one task to another, as you will feel the pressure of failing to accomplish what you set out to achieve for the day. The tension is most likely to express itself, as the metal branch applies a great deal of pressure to the wood stem. The best approach is to write down a clear and concise plan of action for the day and listen to those you trust. Communication is also a very important aspect to your approach today. Be flexible and listen intently, especially if you have a business deal in the making.

Other Areas of Focus Include:

  • Trust the resources available to you by way of your networking. There is a tremendous opportunity that can really make a difference when it comes to finances.
  • Safe time in your day for some relaxation or something fun you an enjoy. In doing this clarity comes to regarding future goals and direction of your life mission.
  • In your meditation practice today, set the intention for long-term journey. Listen to the whispers from higher self that will provide right direction.
  • Windfalls on the job but can also elicit disagreement with male. Take it one step at a time and proceed mindfully.
  • Be careful using credit card especially online transactions as there is a tendency for undermining activity. 
  • Rely on networking relationship that has a perfect alignment with increase revenues.
Tip of the Day:

When faced with negative situations, try to look for the positive.
Mary Jane


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