Building Blocks for New Things is the Energy Forecast for Today!

Photo by Mary Jane Kasliner

With yang wood fueling the fire horse today,  you can expect a great deal of movement with new projects and wrapping up loose ends with the old ones. The most productive way to approach this energy combination is to finish up old business before delving into something new. Easier said then done however, as yang wood has a tendency to move at a rapid pace flooding the mind with ideas that you'll want to act on immediately. I find if I tend to the old first, but infuse a few new things in between, I am able to be most productive.

The fire horse will rise during the second half of the day. Therefore, make it a point to spend time outdoors. Take in the fresh air and engage in some form of cardio activity. The horse loves nothing more than to be in nature and to move around with elegance and speed.

Additional Areas of Focus Include:

  • The overall theme for today is to spend quality time with your significant other. There is a beautiful combination that sits in the center of the loshu today that references love.
  • Review your goals and future aspirations. Format a plan on how to reach these goals successfully. A little bit each day is the key to success.
  • Career shift or change in environment is an underlying theme for today. Look to those who you can network with or share similar interests for guidance.
  • Resources are available if you take the time to do your research and rely on your intuition.
  • Be mindful  of family interactions today, as the energy is rather cutting between male and female.

Tip for Today:

List five fears that serve you. Then list five fears you can release. (The Teacher Appears)

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