Decay, Work on What Has Been Spoiled

The I Ching toss message for today is to work on what is spoiled. This hexagram comprises Mountain over Wind, which suggests a low wind being halted in its progress by the mountain's bulk. In turn, the blustering air currents destroy the plants at the foot of the mountain. Similarly, in human affairs, lax attitudes create problems, which accumulate and introduce corruption into the community.

This hexagram advises us to look for such defects in ourselves and in our environment and to take steps to repair the damage at the root so it does not recur. Whether the problems are caused by old bad habits, character defects, or poor organization, unless they are dealt with at the core level the cycle will continue to repeat disastrously.

This hexagram strongly advises to turn over a new leaf, but it also advises caution and clear thought both before and after change is implemented. There is no point in change if it sacrifices long-term benefits for short-term gain. Correctly identifying and dealing with areas of degeneration and chaos will, however, clear the way to rebirth and great success.

In business, this hexagram warns of poorly organized finances; in relationships, conflicts caused by differing temperaments and lifestyles; and in health, troubles from impurities and parasites.

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl


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