I Ching Toss Guidance - Monday September 17th

The I Ching toss for today reveals hexagram 21(Shi He). The attributes include: Eradicating obstacles, judging, restoring order and confronting negativity.

This hexagram comprises Fire over Thunder, a combination evoking the lightening accompanying a thunderstorm. The image suggests the way in which nature forces through obstacles and restores imbalances of tension. Shi He advises that in human affairs problems should likewise be illuminated with the lightning flash of clear insight and shaken apart but the thunder of unleashed energy.

The shape of this hexagram also suggests an open mouth with something in it. Shi means "to bite" and He means "to close" or action to remove obstacles is reinforced by the image of biting through the obstruction.

In society such eradication of disorder must be governed by an effective and honorable justice system. Legal arguments are also suggested if the obstacle in the mouth is thought of "as words" that need to be spoken. The law must be properly administered if social harmony is to prevail. Punishment is sometimes required but must be appropriate to the crime and free from vindictiveness.

She He often portends a legal action or the appearance of a third party in a marriage or relationship, causing a disruption that will diminish in the face of patience.

How can you apply the dynamics of hexagram 21 (He Shi) to your circumstances?

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