September: Refining, Evolving & Managing Change

Refining, Evolving, Managing Change
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September: Refining, Evolving & Managing Change

Refining, Evolving and Managing Change is the theme for the month of September. Yin metal is the overwhelming quality element for this month. Yin metal sits above the Yin Metal Rooster branch while the Yin Metal trigram (Dui) flies overhead on the loshu grid.  The metal or air element is associated with autumn - the time of harvest, changes and reflection.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the qualities of the energy combinations and the best way to navigate through them.

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Mary Jane

Refine - Evolve - Change:

This month the 7 metal (Dui)  trigram representing the lakes upon the earth, moves to the center of the Lo Shu grid. Seven metal is an accumulator so changes and experiences are readily available to those who are open to what the world offers.

This is a month to accumulate knowledge and material wealth. In doing so, however, requires reflection and the ability to take on challenges that occur when circumstances change. Maintaining a strong bond with your past assists with challenges that arise. Stick to your roots and it will act as a buffer as you move through these changes and refine your vision. Maintaining a "work hard, play hard" philosophy of life will keep you in touch with your childlike nature - a perfect blend with Dui trigram's nature.

 Seven Metal Dui is not an initiator or very good with completing tasks. However, it is an energy that is fantastic when it comes to evaluating processes and setting standards. When it comes to business this month, you want to seek change. Notice the subtle trends and patterns that are building and forge ahead with them.

In terms of the spiritual matters this month, the I Ching trigram for seven metal is the joyous lake (Dui). Like a calm, cool lake it is characterized by a gentle calm exterior and a strong, deep interior. It is important to cultivate time and space for quietness. Pranayama (breathing practices),  are very useful this month to calm the mind and body. Once the mind is calm, it is like the lake able to calm down so the reflection of the surface can then be contemplated. You are able to see things more clearly and cultivate wisdom from the depths of your awareness.

In terms of health this month, the element of metal is primarily associated with the lungs, colon and skin. The skin acts as a protective barrier as the season changes, while the colon acts as an interior protective barrier, and the lungs as a way of adjusting to the changes of temperature and amount of respiratory input for the body. The body can easily feel ungrounded and the mind unfocused during this metal/air (vatta) month. Therefore, meditation practices become even more important to center and ground the mind and body. It is also beneficial to loofa when bathing this month to stimulate the skin and activate the lungs. Little or no dairy is best to decrease the amount of mucus. A diet rich in fiber will bode well for the intestinal tract. Try to avoid raw foods and frozen foods that can easily upset the microbes of intestinal flora.

Yin Metal Rooster Branch:

September is also the month of the Rooster. Finances are a center of attention - sorting them out and guarding "the money." Setting up a budget this month for finances and your time is extremely beneficial. Organizing those loose papers and receipts is a must this month. It will put things in proper perspective.

The Rooster has a predilection for controversy; therefore, you may notice unrest on a personal level and in general. It is best to take a softer approach with all matters this month while paying attention to details. It is also important to be realistic with your goals and avoid being over ambitious, as disappointment can easily follow.

The 7 metal star represents the west portent of your environment. Here are a few pointers for this direction:
  • Add a strong earth or metal qualities such crystals, stones, or metal objects. This will naturally build and assist the quality of this portent which represents childlike joy.  
  • Incorporate circular or demi-lune shapes to further activate the support of metal.
  • An image of joy or whatever makes your heart sing bodes well to remind you of the child within. You can also place an image of a serene lake as a reflective quality to move through change.

 Other Areas of Concern:
When seven-metal is the highlight trigram for the month, the remaining trigrams move to different positions. On a very basic level, we are able to see how other aspects of our life take on this moving energy. Here are some things to consider:
  • When it comes to family and health this month there is some chaos. Best to be diligent with diet and mindful meditation practice.
  • Seek a financial advisor this month to evaluate your holdings.
  • Evaluate your mission and make sure there is room for a joyful/playful approach.
  • Helpful people/mentors are a plus this month when it comes to opportunity and resources that directly impacts finances. This is especially so for male.
  • Windfalls in career this month but not without legal parameters and possible disagreements.
  • Meditation practice reveals clarity for long-terms strategies. This is important as there is some questioning as to your path.

Yoga Poses:

Helpful poses for the Metal trigram this month are as follows:
  • Masyatsana (Fish)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Twist)
  • Sukasana - Easy Pose
  • Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing

The month of Finances. Enjoy my Breathing Wealth Meditation.
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