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Dragon Month of April: Make it More Productive Than Ever!

Make The Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!
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3 Strategy Steps for Making the Dragon Month of April More Productive Than Ever!

Welcome all! 
April is the month of the Fire Dragon and Heavenly Star (6) metal Qian. This is an extremely powerful combination that has the potential for great things to happen.

In today's newsletter, I'll review the Dragon and Heavenly Star qualities and how you can make April the most productive month ever!

Elevate Your Consciousness!

Mary Jane

Dragon - The Archetype for the Month of April:
The dragon is a mythical folklore that never ceases to enchant us or stir our imagination.

The dragon is full of vitality and strength that  demands high standards and an eagerness to perform on a grand scale. Due to the high energy stored within the dragon, it is easy to burn yourself out. Therefore, it is wise to intelligently challenge yourself, but not move beyond what you can realistically accomplish. More about the best strategies to accomplish more this month, by doing less.

The dragon has a tendency to have a volcano of emotions. He would much rather be rough, rude and utterly inconsiderate. The wise choice when encountering this behavior is to sit back and watch the magnificent fireworks. Don't worry, it will fizzle out before you know it. You see, the dragon can't help but to be overly emotional, as the elements of wood (anger), and water (fear), are hidden within the dragon. To exacerbate this, the main element of the dragon is earth; an element that is in clash with both wood and water. To create a bridge, and soften the outcome between these elements, infuse the qualities of metal, or the ability to "think through" things before you take action.

Dragon Pose:
In the practice of yin yoga, there is a pose called "Dragon." This pose mainly focuses on the earth meridian that is in alignment with the major element of the archetype animal of the dragon. The stomach meridian, in particular, is activated in this pose. This meridian is primarily concerned with digestion and distribution. It also fires up manipura chakra (solar plexus), that has a direct gateway to the heart and upper chakras and can manifest a state of higher consciousness. The stomach meridian can also stir up feelings of anxiety or equanimity. So why does practicing this pose for at least a 5 minute hold help? Think about what it does on a physiological level, and then how that can translate to everyday emotions. If you digest information presented to you, and distribute it in a positive and productive way, you most likely will experience feelings of equanimity and elevate your level of consciousness. What happens on a cellular level in your physical body also happens on an emotional and spiritual level. To learn more about the stomach meridian and how to perform Dragon Pose click here.

Fire Dragon:
The month of April, fire rises over the earthly dragon. This is a positive or sheng cycle of elements whereby the heavenly stem of fire builds the root of the earthly dragon. This is the most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all the dragons. Expectations are high, and so is the energy. Superiority plus authority may feel a bit overwhelming at times this month. You may find yourself pushing hard for no reason. Trust you can build your "empire" if you strive toward the supreme order of things. Perform at your highest level this month and you will successfully inspire others to do the same.

The dragon resides in the direction of southeast, more specifically the first mountain (112.5 - 127.5) degrees. The southeast contains the element of wood, the season of spring, and weather that tends to be windy. It's a good idea to keep the elements in this direction in harmony with the primary elements of water and wood in d├ęcor. Be mindful of the outdoors. Plant vegetation that is flexible, or the ability to withstand wind. Moving water  can also be implemented, but only if the southeast direction falls to the front of your home. Water in the rear of the structure can undermine stability, health and wealth. If you are uncertain, it is advised to have a professional assessment, as in some cases water in the front can aggravate any potential problematic energy combinations.

Heavenly Star 6 Qian:
Be inspired and be creative! The greatest mentors in life are said to blissfully reside in this space such as Mother Teresa, Jesus, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak, Chopra, Einstein and Gandhi... just to name a few. These are the people who honored the higher calling to create peace and harmony in the world through their works. They paved the way to higher awareness.

The 6 Qian heavenly star is about listening to your heart and how you can make a difference in the world. Set in motion the intention to attract like minded people, those who can mentor you, or you mentoring others. Move your state of mind and attract synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time. Expand your abilities to do the highest good. This energy reminds us to refine our intentions so we can live in clarity and order.

This trigram resides in the northwest direction. Check in with your design elements and make sure there is strong support of earth and metal to assist. Think about what inspires you and determine if your imagery holds true to that inspiration.

Since the trigram 6 Qian is activated this month, it will also make a move to the center of the home so all occupants can enjoy its energy. The metal meridians within the body will also be activated honing in on the lungs and large intestines. The emotions of sorrow and courage come to the light. It is connected to our ability to encounter difficulty with tenacity. This star is also associated with the head and crown chakra - an opening to higher consciousness. You can activate this chakra point with any inversion of your choice. Headstand  or rabbit  pose are wonderful choices to infuse during your yoga practice this month. 

 3 Strategy Steps for a Productive Month:
Now that you understand the energy you are working with this month, here are three simple strategies to get the most out of your month.
What Happened Last Month?
One of the easiest ways you can be more productive this month is to take in account what you accomplished last month. That's right...The good, the bad and the ugly.  List your accomplishments as well as your failures. See what went right, and see what went wrong, and then determine how to improve on each of them.

List Your Goals for This Month:
Now is the time to list your goals for this month. Using the solar calendar, the month of April begins today. Don't be shy. Create a list as long as you like realizing that if you accomplish even 50% you'll be more productive than you thought you could be. Be precise and maybe even daring.  Don't rush the list. Let it evolve instead.

Track Your Progress:
Make sure you track your progress throughout the month. Are you staying on your path or have you diverted? Perhaps break down the month with weekly goals so it doesn't seem so daunting. Remember, rely on what you did in March to figure out what to do in April!

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