Children's Garden

Children's Garden

     This is the time of year where the trigram Dui is active. This trigram represents the autumn season, the element of metal, and the pure joy of watching children play and create. It is polar opposite to  family and heritage represented by the spring season and element of wood. These two points dance with one another expressing the importance of procreating to strengthen family lineage.

     Depending on where you live in the country, or the world for that matter, the weather may still be agreeable for outdoor pleasure. When creating a garden for children, it is wise to incorporate plenty of stimulation, and lots of opportunities for them to explore and use their imagination. A well-designed garden for children, provides all of this, and good feng shui will ensure excellent flow of energy and safety at play.

     Trees are a good idea as they act as shelter while slowing down the energy keeping children safe at play. Being mindful of the type of energy certain directions emit is a great strategy to follow. For example, the north section of the garden will tend to be sluggish and feel sleepy. To avoid this heaviness, open it up with less vegetation.  

     When incorporating trees, use variation of species. This will allow chi to flow in and out of the branches easily - mostly beech trees, oak trees, and smaller fruit trees. You can also utilize heavier branches to hang a rope swing for your children to enjoy. Creating a willow tunnel made by driving stakes of live willow into the ground and tying them to meet in an arch at the top is a great way for kids to explore. As the new willow grows, new shoots can be woven in between the original stakes, creating a more solid structure.

     Repurposed wood from a reclamation center can work wonders in the garden. Using it to build a picnic table, bench, swing or jungle gym are excellent ways to utilize this type of wood while preserving the environment. 

     Including a water feature such as a shallow pond is an option for older children. You can fit it with a metal grille just below the surface so that children cannot fall into it. And of course a sandbox is always a favorite nestled into a corner with flowering plants  in varying heights as a natural border.

     Have fun creating your children's garden. This is the place for your kids to learn to play house, explore, and take wild adventures!

Mary Jane - Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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