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The Symphony of Living!

The Symphony of Living!
Mary Jane Kasliner - Wisdom Buffet Writer

Flow Like the Stream

     One of my favorite bands in the late 1960s was Simon and Garfunkel. Not only did they write and sing songs that were a glorious mix of both raw realism and dreamy romanticism, but their timeless harmonies were pure and nothing short of absolute perfection. With different voices, styles, opinions and being two completely personalities, they came together in the music that they produced and it all worked brilliantly.
     Now, not always can our lives together produce such lovely melodies or poetic lyrics, but we can create a life of harmony once we acknowledge, respect, and accept each other's differences. When we put in the effort to understand and compromise, our lives can become magical, musical and harmonious.
     About the same time that I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel on the radio, I stumbled upon the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi is known as the "art of imperfection," or simply, finding beauty in all things; things that are imperfect, ever changing and impermanent. For example, when looking through Wabi Sabi eyes, we would... Read more chapter 2 Book of Harmony - The Symphony of Living.
The more in harmony your are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.

Nature Does Not Hurry!

The Law of Least Effort states that nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease. Just looking at the natural ebb and flow of the ocean tides or blooming flowers supports this law. If you notice flowers and trees do not strain to bloom but rather there is grace, perfect timing, and finesse when it comes to transforming energy. The Law of Least Effort tells us that we can do less and accomplish more when we let go of resistance and simply accept what is.

There must be more to living a life of harmony than just learning how to accept 'what is.' And in fact, there is...Read more chapter 4 Book of Harmony - The Symphony of Living available of Amazon.

Eat Seasonal Foods

To live a balanced life, one needs to be aware of the cycles of nature and follow their flow. In nutrition, this means practicing the Chinese tradition of eating seasonal foods to align your body with nature's rhythms and the five elements: spring (wood), summer (fire), late summer (earth), autumn (metal), winter (water). Each of these also represents the major organs that we must nourish and keep at their top efficiency: the liver, heart, stomach, lungs and kidneys.

Take your cue on what to eat from your local farmer's market or grocery store produce section and avail yourself of the cornucopia that awaits you. Autumn is the time of harvest around the globe - a time...Read more chapter 6 Journey to Health - Living Well from the Inside Out. 

Learn From Vata - Air

Air or wind is an element that can teach us how to let go and be free. Wind does not resist but rather is free in spirit. When we let go of resistance life is joyful and we are blessed abundantly.

Wind is the voice of higher self, the sage, the seer, and the impeccable word. It is a matter of relying on your intuition. When you listen to higher self and use "the word" impeccably, then you experience heaven on earth.

Vata urges us to become the dreamer, the creator and initiator in life. This is the freedom  within that...Read more chapter 5 Strong Perfect Whole - Becoming Who You Want to Be.

Happy October!
Mary Jane - Wisdom Buffet Writer

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