Nature's First Green is Gold!


     Let's talk about natural accents. It's amazing how you can find harmony in nature's own palette. "Nature's first green is gold, " wrote the American poet Robert Frost in his 1923 ode to the fleeting natural world. Gold is the element of metal, and a perfect accent for your metal and water directions (West, NW and North). It is also an element that is strong in the autumnal season that reminds us to release and let go of what no longer is needed. We can take that cue from nature and just observe the trees. Leaves begin to change their colors as the dead ones fall away trusting that in time new growth will occur. It was Rumi who said "Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop." How can you expect to grow if you have dead weight demanding all your energy? 

     Metal chi (energy) is contractive by nature. The earth contains ore deep within as a precious quality that provides structure. In everyday life, metal chi reminds us to take pause, move within, listen, observe, focus and organize our thoughts. Through this process we become aware of what matters most and then can commit and align worldly actions with those inner values. 

     Tune in and anchor your mind to your deepest intention. In doing so, you automatically connect to your higher state of being so that even during the most turbulent times you can hold true to your highest self. 

     Making subtle adjustments to your décor periodically is an excellent way to celebrate the simplicity and oneness with the outdoors, salute the season, and connect to a higher state of mind. There are many simple ways to inject nature's qualities into your living environment. This can range from décor to the foods you ingest. We'll save the foods for another blog:) Here are some examples of how you can invite the quality of metal chi inside your living space.

Sample Décor Accents:
  • Gold decorative mobile hung near a window or air vent for natural movement.
  • Macramé wall art unframed or framed in gold accent.
  • Bleached wood accent table. The lighter finish puts the focus on subtler natural details like the wood's grain and helps to keep key pieces together harmoniously.
  • Hand woven natural fiber area rug.
  • Accent metal trays for coffee table.
  • Florals rich in color with gold/yellow accents and of course vibrant greens.
  • Odd number (3 or 5) of metal ornamental pieces placed on sofa table or cocktail table
     Use one or two statement objects to attract the eye in a muted setting. Perhaps hammered bowl or vase that work together to refract light and cast a golden hue into polished surfaces like marble and glass. If you have an open space, add touchable textures such as a decorative throw or woven wall art.

     When you work with the accents of nature in décor, you invite harmony into your life. From the words of John Muir; "Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees."

Mary Jane Kasliner Feng Shui Yoga Girl 


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