Energy Focus Today!

Morning arrives with earth over water. That bodes well for dryer grounds, as the water tables should be beneath the earth and not above. These two elements do not blend together. Therefore, tension may arise especially when making decisions or negotiating business. Remain focused and organized so the energy can flow easily. Mindful organization skills makes this a very auspicious day to make important decisions, as the earth is grounding and supportive, while the water moves conversation forward. The bridge is metal, or your clear, concise and organized plan.

This afternoon there is a driving force to achieve. Quick mental processes are what navigates this path. Remain flexible and minimize the feeling of anxiety that may arise. Keep your attention on the goal and move from there.

Other Areas of Focus:

There is a powerful triad that begins with reviewing your goals and vision for the long haul. Think about who you want to associate with in terms of networking and mentors. This will directly influence your resources - including finances. Pay attention to partner whether in business or personal relationship, as the leadership they can provide is invaluable.

Overall, today is considered a day of abundance, so use it wisely!

Mary Jane Feng Shui Yoga Girl -


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