Mealtimes and Tension?

Are mealtimes in your house chaotic and filled with tension?  This is problematic on so many levels, but let's just hone in on two areas that have the greatest impact.

Your Health and Relationships - The Energy of Mealtimes:

Everything is energy and that includes the food you ingest. Obviously, the healthier the food choices you make the higher the energy vibration that food will have. When preparing food, you infuse your own energy into it. Therefore, if you are yelling and screaming at your children, or anyone else for that matter, that tension becomes an ingredient for your meal. The tension and frustration moves from the plate to your digestive system. Chances are you'll be running for the Tums to ease your stomach. You'll also find ways to avoid your children or your partner because the environment is charged with discord.


One way to reduce tension during mealtimes is to foster more calming yin energy. To make the atmosphere of your kitchen or dining room more yin, keep lots of soft fabrics there. For example, pure linen tablecloth or large cotton napkins. Choose yin colors such as pale greens, blues or creams to encourage a relaxing atmosphere. Lower the lighting source while you are eating. There is nothing like the flicker of candles to ease the body and mind. If there are doors to the room where you eat, close them. This will eliminate fast moving chi (energy) from passing through from another room.

You'll also want to turn off electronics during mealtime. No cell phone, TV or computer. Instead, try having a conversation and asking family members how their day went. I know this is a big one, but the energy of those devices are extremely yang (active), and contribute to tension.

You can also consider facing yin directions such as the north, northwest, west or southwest. These directions have less ions in the atmosphere and are considered quiet and peaceful. Soft background music is an option if you feel you need a little something to add. I find this option to bode especially well when your intention is to create a romantic ambiance.

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