In Stride with the Energy for Today!

The Bazi energy for today is strong water over earth. Earth dams the water therefore you have control over the events that unfold. Stick to your plan of action and communicate your position effectively. Make sure you have researched every aspect of what you are trying to propose and accomplish today. Clarity is of the utmost importance. Stay motivated no matter what happens and trust the outcome. Let grace meet you where you are for the most powerful impact. 

This afternoon will be more about extending a hand to others and trusting what they tell you. Planning for the future, whether it is five minutes from now or five years from now, is an important consideration for today. Don't forget however, to sprinkle in a carefree attitude towards others, especially around those you are comfortable with.  

Other Areas to Consider Today:

  • Change of career, position or new approach to your work should be a focus for today. Take some time to evaluate where you are, where you've been, and where you can go.
  • Windfalls are likely today if you consider the creative aspects to your work.
  • Reading and writing is especially helpful when it comes to self-improvement. Strive for the truth so you can walk the path of your true nature.
  • Seek support and resources from elders. It will prove to be highly effective when it comes to your goals, vision and ultimate success.
Tip of the Day:

Covering up your mistakes when you are in the wrong is a sign of a coward.

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